Sunday, 1 February 2009

Far Flung Cake Stop.

Sometimes you've just got to venture out of your immediate surroundings and try new things.

Also being open to new things (ahem..) and having an inquisitive mind, Last weekend we ventured off to the eden greenhouse and eco retail outlet mall.

Apart from watching a load of white trash and the other type, y'know, Guardian reading, recycling, organic eating, fair trade shopping, 4x4 driving, (well there simply isn't the room to take Jacinta Daisy, Toby and the dog in a small car on the school run types.) We had a look around a big sweaty green house that fogged up my camera for an hour, then adjourned to the cafe.

After a deft bit of queue jumping as we only wanted coffee and cake of course, we paid through the nose towards numerous good causes and Tim Smit coffers.

You can imagine to my horror, when asking for a two black coffees, the beverage distribution staff poured it from a ruddy great tea urn. Then it was like cold dish water with some gravy browning in. Now I'm all for fair trade coffee bean growers getting a good wage and all that, but if that's the sort of crap the produce, they can keep it. Somewhere like the Eden project, championing that sort of thing and having that sort of coffee, well....

On the other hand, we did have some of the nicest banana cake ever made in the history of banana cakes. It was very nearly a very fantastic cake. I can only presume they had hand grown the bananas on site, using the best specimens of banana plants in the known world. The mixture was probably mixed with such love and care before carefully baked (probably in the most organic of fair trade ovens) before being offered to us on a plate.

... Full marks!

This was probably the highlight. A giant wall of recycled fridges and fridge magnets. I kicked Annabellafoofoo and Tarquin out of the way and got to work.
It stayed up for about 30 seconds before one of the little shits pinched my L and A.

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