Wednesday, 3 December 2008

South West Cyclo X

Last Sunday the VeloCake behemoth rolled into a sports centre carpark somewhere in Devon.
The weather was against us. It was that kind of cold you don't experience very often, the sort that leads to uncontrolable shaking. very cold.
So as soon as wheat was sorted from the chaff and a warm up lap/ course inspection was completed we took our appropriate places at that back of the field so to give the rest a chance.

Then, at a shonky 14 minutes past 12 the flag dropped and it was go!

My plan was to start steady and then carve though the field after a couple of laps, which if it hadn't been for the really sticky football pitch mud grass combo with a good few leaves mixed in would have worked well.

However, i didn't dishonour the good name of VeloCake, and over took a couple of juniors, some women and a very large chap. (he was enjoying himself, that's the main thing) and came across the line somewhere towards the back of the field but not last!

It's been some years since i last "competed" in a cross race as a junior. So as well as the pre mentioned training plan i devised, i went all over the interweb researching modern cyclocross.
It looked great, there was talk of beer tents on the course, singlespeed punk crossers, mudsliding frivolity and girls in bikinis clanging cowbells.
Ohhh world wide web how could you lie to me so....the reality was a school playing field, a couple of friends and family of riders holding extra clothing while shivering their arses off.
Where was the glammer and the anarchy?
There was some sand, so it felt a little like a flandrian beach!

I've just found this ONLINE:

a lovely linky to the results on british cycling website.
may i draw your attention to #32 oh yeah baby team velocake!
no idea who john moran in last place is though.

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