Sunday, 28 December 2008

Good evening VeloCake, Europe Calling...


This week we have gained more members (phhnnaar)

And the Cake is Globalising. Pretty soon we'll be up the arse of Starbucks.

This week the P.V.C welcomed our (kinda) European brothers to the fold. We therefore welcome Allesandro and Giles and Tom.

Sandy (to his friends) is our road specialist with shaved thighs like tree trunks and is sure to do well in the coming season.

Giles and Tom are Penwith Locals who have the double whammy of their mother owning VeloCakes nearest and dearest cafe Not only that but Giles is a cycle messenger courier earning cash money in the European city of wonderful wonderful Copenhagen.
He aint no fakinger or wannabe fixie, he is a bonefide paid up jiffy bag runner.

VeloCake's so cool we have a proper paid up bicycle messenger in our number. In your face, fixie London wannabe's.


I'm not really gay said...

Mullerton, where's me stickers you cock :-)

I'm not really gay said...

Mullerton, got me sticker you cock, its going on the IF ;-)

see you in the summer

and maybe before then if I can drag my arse down there

VeloCake said...

hurrah for you Papa.

send me a photo i'll start a gallery.
i bet it looks love-erly don't it?