Tuesday, 18 November 2008


You better believe it!

VeloCake will soon be the team to be in. One of our number has already been busy filling the lower echelons of the SWCC league and the ranks will be swelling. Pretty soon we'll be reprazenting and filling the Dead F-ing Last and 2nd DFL places.

As i was born ready for this, the mild mannered commuter has been stripped down, knobbled up and referb'd back to its crosser origin and is ready to rock and, or roll.

Also to get properly in the zone i'm training all week and recreating my own corner of Belgium here in Cornwall. This involves riding a bike with curly handlebars in mud, but mainly drinking trappiste beer and eating waffles. By the end of the week i'll become an elderly man in a cap smoking Gitane and grumping at everything. I forgot, frites and mayonaisse too.

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Old Relic said...

Mmmmmmmmmmm! Frites and mayonnaise! Is that your secret to racing success?