Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Cake Runs part 2.1 and 3

Typical, nothing for a couple of weeks then two come along in the same week.

Although not quite a cake run, a couple of us ventured to Jordans hut at the side of a carpark last sunday. Its better than it sounds, honest.

Not quite a cake run you say, Yes, this time savouries were on the menu. As we like to embrace europe at VeloCake, we went all out and had a couple of paninis, or euro cheese toasties to my untrained palate. Not only did we stray from the cake, but we walked there as it was blowing a force 22 gale (yes THAT strong). if i called this blog pedocake who knows what would happen. thats as in pedestrian thicko!
Back to the caffe, the mozerella, sunblushed plum tomatoes, basil and seasame seed panini, cheese and tomato toastie. was very very good, and more importantly the coffee was very good and fresh. they obiviously use a blend high in arabica, very nice.

Run 3
The three founding members of VeloCake ventured out again last week to the stately maaanor of Trereife. However the excitement was short lived as only two of us arrived together.
Nice cake and coffee was ok.
A special mention to hapless feck Alan who got lost over the course of a couple of miles,
and also Henry who turned up ready to ride when no one was.

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