Friday, 17 October 2008

VeloCake Run #2

Well blow me!

The 2nd VeloCake run is going to happen next week, just to all those doubters and poo pooers wrong.
Not only that, our numbers are swelling. Rumour has it a new caker has signed up and is coming from as far away as Newquay just for the occasion. Obviously he can't be expecting too much,
.....or have any friends.

Other news: Today we are in print.
No no, not some coolio retro fixie track beef power mag from the big smoke or minneapolis
but joyful frame fitting stickers from that place on causeway head. Oh we're getting soo cool.


Malandro said...

Visit this blog. Thank you!

I'm not really gay said...

send me s tickers please Mikey :-)

Dan said...

Mullerton send me a sticker too, I demand it.