Friday, 24 October 2008

VeloCake Run # 2 Report

Last Tuesday saw the second VeloCake outing, one for the die hard contingent,
(not Bruce Willis) as we journeyed the awesome distance of approximatley 2 1/2 miles to Mousehole. (If you're not local people, thats pronounced Mowzal.)

Anyway although it starts off all jolly and icecreams along the prom, it's not long before the roads reared up skywards away from the sea and we approached the Col de port de Newlyn.

Hey, on a fixed it's a climb ok and some of us where on a "vintage" Carlton track bike, with no brakes.

So, after dodging tourists (still!) and asswipes in cars trying to park, we arrived at Pam's Pantry.

Thinks out loud, that really should be Pam's Panties, it'd be really funny and people would flock from miles around to laugh. oh to be a sign writer with poor spelling.

Unfortunalty the cafe was a little "meh", service was fine and with a smile,
even the cake was pretty good,
BUT and this is a big BUT, bad coffee.
The sort thats stewed and bitter because it's been on a hotplate for four hours previous.
No excuse Pam!

Still, cakes were: a traditional fruit cake, a cherry madeira cake and a chocolate cake.

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