Wednesday, 29 October 2008

VeloCake Eco Warriors

As part of our ongoing green awareness here at VeloCake, we like to bring you news of our efforts to help the planet. We believe that if everyone does one thing towards saving the earth then maybe the country won't be underwater as the ice caps melt.

So, i hear you cry, just what efforts are you making towards a greener world VeloCake!

For starters dear reader, we've decided to start small and local to get the eco balls rolling. Not the green washing machine thingies.

This week we've cleaned up the harbour area of Penzance. it's amazing how much crap has been thrown into the water there by our fellow human beings, all the usual stuff like coke cans and mcdonalds packaging, shopping trollies and so on, but also bicycles.

This being a bicycle themed blog we took some pictures of these interesting but ultimateley unwanted bikes cast into the inky blue darkness of the Atlantic ocean!

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