Friday, 17 October 2008

The Inaugural VeloCake Run

The Inaugural VeloCake run has happened.Seemingly without a hitch either.
Twas a bright and dry October morning with the sun glimpsing though the high cloud. A gentle westly breeze blew as the galant few headed for the rendevous.

Three VeloCakers and two newbies (I supose we're all newbies at the first run) converged on the Chapel rock cafe in Marazion, and it did rock!
The nice people there even let us bring the bikes inside. 'cause like numpties we didn't have a lock.

Cakes sampled:
coffee and walnut very good, maybe a little heavy with the creamy stuff.
carrot cake again very good, no complaints.
millionaire flapjack good layer of choc on top
big servings too.

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