Sunday, 26 October 2008


To remind our Canananadian viewers, today sees the end of daylight saving time, or maybe the start, who knows, or in real money the end of british bloody summer time.

So, either way its cack to the bike rider. As of tommorow all you super cool folks who ride to work and ting, will be firing up the L.E.D.s and doning the HI-VIS yellow. Those who know me will be the first to say i've never been a follower of fashion but doning the hi-vis yellow way just really kinda upsets me. there's just something wrong about looking like a foo! whilst riding a bike. We should all be gliding effortlessly though the cars and looking super foxy about it as we go. Not wearing a bright H.S.A. yellow blouson just so some halfwit in a car chewing on a mcburger and arranging to play squash on the phone whilst trying to run you down drives home from the office.

Night time cycling, what can you do?

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