Friday, 6 March 2015

One for your diary

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Who fancies a bit of West Country CX  my lovers, you can leave your brand new combine harvester at home and just take your bike.
At the moment I'm not sure what it is exactly, gravel race, CX sportive or #CXEnduro (I think I've just created a new genre there)  But it looks like fun under the big skies of Somerset and as it's organised by the bike trades favourite apple scrumper John from Madison so it's bound to be a slick event and with much more smiles per miles than HONC.
I'm trying to come up with a few more Zomerzet stereotypes, but in the mean time visit to get all the dirty information.
It'll be more cider than Leffe.


Here's the promotional vai-deo

Monday, 29 December 2014

Milton Keynes part 1.2

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If you weren't there you missed the best cycling event of the year, Great racing amazing atmosphere all here in the Uk. If happens again make sure you make the effort to go. Heck we found muffins, beer, hotdogs and loads if cowbells. Sven was er Sven we were lost for words really and now I need to save up for a Trek Boone.

Very cross on Boxing Day

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Mince pie belly removal attempt CXNE South Sheilds. On site coffee truck was a blessed reviver after the Xmas day onslaught and a 2h drive across the Pennines  unfortunately I finished all the Xmas choc when I got get out on my bike.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Ride like Sven.

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Sven had on cameras on his bike in Milton Keynes 
This is quite entertaining.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Milton Keynes Cyclo Cross World Cup

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Wow....I'm still in a bit of a daze.  What a weekend of uber excitement.
I should be writing updates of us all racing, Ian, Piers and myself have all been getting cross lately, but this was something else. Our racing news will have to wait

The giddyness started on Friday night, His holiness Sven himself was in town along with Katie Compton, performing for the fans at the Trek Store in Milton Keynes and I hugged them both in the hope of absorbing some greatness. 
Brilliant thing number one.

Saturday morning I was up at an ungodly hour to be on site before 8.  Working you see.
I say working, but it was hanging around talking bikes and cyclocross while sticking Trek flags to anyone who moved. I even made a group of real Belgians buy Trek merchandise.

As for the racing, I have no idea where to start, it was all too much.
My wonderful employers worked out shifts so everyone got to see at least one race, so I ran to the start line and stood there metres away from Cant,Wyman, Harris and Compton.
On my right shoulder as I turned round was Keith Bontrager.  I had a quick chat but he had to go, he had jackets and leg warmers to catch as riders threw extra clothing to their swannys. 

I won't go on about the race, I'm sure most people have seen it, but it excelled all expectations.  So much noise, such an atmosphere and a close race from start to finish.

The men's race was no different.  other than the crowds were going even crazier and making even more noise.  I then spent the next hour +1 running back and forth to catch the likes of Sven, Kevin, Tom, Klaas and Ian field as they tore round each lap.
The pro's ride unbelievably fast. 
I don't know what else to say, It still feels like a little bit of a dream. The whole weekend was not like any other.
So here's some pictures.

The #Awesome Durrins and me

Katie Compton

Sven and me
You can see more of my boring photos on my flickr

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

For the Love of (all things) Mud

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Go Team!

If you had heard already, VeloCake is a team of winners. At least in North Yorkshire.
Jon Bateman WON a cross race, yes won! Jon was aided to victory by team mate Tom Levell who didn't win despite finishing ahead in the race. 

Jon leading the pack

Off the front

Also "racing" last weekend at the Bristol Oktoberfest, Simon Barnes romped home in 10th place, even though he only completed two laps and getting held up in the singletrack by fellow VeloCaker. Pete Watt. Pete did extremely well to stay upright and not repeat his previous race outing where he had a nasty connection with his stem and required ice packs from the St.John's ambulance folks. 
Full race action reports and photogs to follow, I'm sure.

Below is a trailer for a sooner to be released film about Cyclocross.  It's rather beautifully shot by film maker Benedict Campbell, I like it rather much, if you've not seen it, it's well worth 4 minutes 26 or whatever of you time.

"FOR THE LOVE OF MUD" TEASER-2 from benedict campbell on Vimeo.