Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Good day at the office..

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Some of you probably know already that I work for the greatest bicycle company in the world and today in the office one of my co-workers bikes was left against the filing cabinet.

Just so happened the co-worker was the one and only Jens Mother hubbin' Voigt.

The bike was his one off special used in his last few races before retirement,  oh and that hour record tomorrow.

That's the corner of my desk and Seb.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

It's September, that can only mean one thing

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Whilst the rest of you are channeling your inner Belge, Ian and John hold the fort in the south west, Piers doing his bit around the northern counties, (Piers is going to be podium-ing in the 3 peaks this year) and the kids kicking all and sundry off the results in north Yorkshire
Me, me myself and I are busy trying to sell cross bikes and making preparations for the Milton Keynes World cup round. Not the Milton Keynes world championship as many seem to be calling it.
I normally get my cross on in Autumn,but this year I'm going all out ready for 29th November.
Can I get a HUZZAH ?
But I'm keeping the Limus and cowbells on ice at the mo, I'm waiting, biding my time, poised to be as mediocre as always.  One warm up round at (block capitals) THE NATIONAL BOWL!! and then the big one. 
Sven,The Svenness, In my neighbourhood. Racing for my employer. The stars must be aligning.
Here Come The Belgians, yep, and here come the FietsTaart!

So there's some pictures to draw you in here's my recommendations for September.

coffee you can buy.
It's really good, strong and cheap. I should probably say choose one, oh crap, the chip is starting to take over.

And a beautiful, light, fast and full of technology bike you can't......yet have.

Women and men, the Trek Boone 9

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

VeloCake at the Nationals.....Oh yes!

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Most of you probably don't know but our own VeloCake wunderkind, Louis O'Hara did better than any of us and competed at the National track championships at the velodrome in Manchester.

Louis has been riding the boards for VeloCake for the last few years and after such an achievement of being good enough to go to the National Champs has now has been signed up by a big club and will be joining the Sport City team.
Well done Louis and thanks for being part of the team 

Louis  accepting Ed Clancy's congratulations, following a emphatic victory over the Olympic champion, recently.

Monday, 7 July 2014

Three Peaks 2014

Just been checking the entry list for this year I fear that I am alone ?..

Monday, 30 June 2014

Mountain Mayhem

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Mountain Mayhem done for the R4MB team B. Had a lovely time, Chris Davies brought some fantastic baking with him and he's not to shabbie in the photograph department. check out his work
Hope Tec did a stunning job with banter and putting up with "could you just have a look a this...."
I did get reports of other Velocakers but never spotted anyone where we're you all?

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Just because....


I'm sure you all know why*, but why not, buy a Trek.
(if you like them)

hashtag smiley face.

*inner circle VeloCakers